If your company wants to see the latest developments in the future of vision, you’re in the right place. Companies and institutions like the National Space Biomedical Research Institute and NASA, look to e-Vision™ patented technologies to overcome difficult visual challenges here on earth and in space on the journey to Mars. One example of e-Vision’s platform technology is our Smart Focus Optics™ electronic focusing eyeglasses, featuring an almost infinite number of prescription settings. The wearer will have the ability to customize their own vision needs by adjusting the settings for far, near and middle vision distances.  These eyeglasses have the potential to provide astronauts with an immediate solution to visual changes that occur during extended space travel and may be useful to aid in an astronaut’s visual accommodation on earth once the space mission has been completed. E-Vision has been developing electronic focusing optics for use in eyeglasses for space travel under a grant from NSBRI-NASA.


Our impressive team of business executives, legal team and scientists turn ideas into reality. Our hard work and technical expertise have resulted in owning or controling over 440 patents worldwide to protect our intellectual property. E-Vision has its development facility and administrative offices in Sarasota, Florida.  In Sarasota, the company leases a 6,500 square foot facility which is comprised of a well-equipped optics lab, model shop, lithography lab, machine shop and a clean room for optics assembly. This permits the company to do its own micro-lithography and glass work.  E-Vision has the in-house capabilities to design, fabricate and test electro-active optics based on its proprietary lens designs.

e-Vision Laboratory

Intellectual Property

Optical Designs for Electronic Lenses:  E-Vision’s patents cover designs for electronic lenses and optics, including diffractive and pixelated diffractive optics, refractive optics, combination diffractive/refractive optics and adjustable fluidic optics.

Electronics: Patents cover activating (focusing), powering and charging electronic optics remotely, wirelessly and/or anatomically with the electronics either imbedded in the optics or located outside the optic.  Other patents cover memory and data transmission.

Specific Applications for Electronic Lenses: The patent portfolio covers the application of Smart Focus Optics for eyecare (contact lenses, IOLs and spectacles), mobile media (optics for cameras, web cams, the “Internet of Things”), Augmented Reality devices, ophthalmic diagnostic devices (the electronic phoropter, for example) and more.

Flexible Optics: E-Vision’s patents also cover the use of flexible (foldable) electronic lenses, optics and electronics for its eyecare applications.

Wearable’s/Electronic Frames – The Internet of Things: Patents covering the attachment of electronics to wearable frames and/or incorporating such devices into wearable frames are included in e-Vision’s patent portfolio.  The devices covered by these patents include wireless and manual controllers, power sources, cameras, video, earbuds/bone conducting, displays for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices AR and more.

Support:  E-Vision also numerous additional patents on the processes and methods required to fabricate electronic lenses and optics.